Join the Network at the CSP Seville 2017, 21 November 2017   

Join the Network at the CSP Seville 2017, 21 November 2017   

October 10, 2017 - 17:25
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Date:   21 November 2017    

Venue: Seville, part of CSP Seville  

As part if the CSP Seville 2017 Programme, the Network is organising a Session on:

"CSP in the GCC region: EU GCC cooperation prospects including for research and innovation"

Session objectives:
The Gulf region has some of the world’s best solar energy resources. 
Solar resources provide great potential for concentrated solar thermal power (CSP).
On the other hand, CSP generation costs are coming down, as we are experiencing exceptionally low bids especially in the GCC region, and hours of storage are increasing thanks to R&D efforts, economies of scale and increasing markets. That would have major implications for the choice of power generation technology and the management of power systems in countries with good solar resources such the Gulf region. In addition, it would have major implications for climate change mitigation. 
This is an interactive session which aims to provide to high level experts and decision makers in the EU and the Gulf region with an opportunity to discuss and share knowledge about the latest developments in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology, and its potential to contribute to the evolving needs of national energy systems and markets. It will also inform the EU community on the business and developement porspects that are opening in the region. 
The workshop will also highlight and discuss on the prospects for joint EU GCC research activities on topics of common interest, including in the framework of H2020.
For more information please contact: Dr Ioanna Makarouni, 

Discount rate for Network members: 
The Network has ensured a 35% discount rate for registering at the CSP Seville event for its members travelling from the GCC region.
The promocode to be used is: EU_GCC_35% 
The discount is offered for a limited number of seats, for experts from the GCC region.

Opportunity for the Delegates - Site Visit:
Moreover, the Network in cooperation with the CSP Seville Organisers are organizing on the 20th November a site visit to Rioglass Factory and to Gemasolar CSP plant.

For logistics and accommodation options please visit the 

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