EU-GCC Clean Energy e-Observatory launched

EU-GCC Clean Energy e-Observatory launched

June 15, 2016 - 15:11
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The Network has just launched the EU-GCC Clean Energy e-Observatory, an online information service on clean energy developments in the GCC and in the EU.

The e-Observatory operates as a repository for:

· clean energy policies and studies in the GCC and in the EU;

· clean energy technologies for the GCC region and relevant applications in the EU;

· clean energy projects and initiatives in the GCC and in the EU.

The resources are organised according to relevance with the Networ's Working Group fields, namely, Renewables, Energy Efficency and Demand Side Management, Clean Gas Technologies, Electricity Interconnections and Regional Market Integration, and Carbon Capture and Storage.

Network members are invited to provide feedbackcomments as well as material to enrich the e-Observatory. This is the first version of the e-Observatory. We welcome your suggestions for useful features that could be included in future versions. 

You may send your emails to: contact@eugcc-cleanergy.netnoting as subject: e-Observatory.