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Renewable Energy Sources
Energy Demand Side Management and Energy Efficiency
Clean Natural Gas and Related Clean Technologies
Electricity Interconnections and Market Integration
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)
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MENA-REC, 2016

Frank Wouters, Network Team Leader and Mustapha Taoumi, Energy Technology Expert were panelists/speakers at the 6th Middle East & North Africa Renewable Energy Conference (MENA-REC6)

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The Network at the Kuwait Society of Engineers, April 5, 2016

The Network,represented by Frank Wouters and Mustapha Taoumi, discussing EU GCC collaboration with the Kuwait Society of Engineers. 5 April 2016, KSE premises

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The Network at the MENA-REC, April 4-6, 2016

Frank Wouters, Network Team Leader, is a panelist at the 6th Middle East & North Africa Renewable Energy Conference (MENA-REC6), 4-6 April 2016, Kuwait.

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Renewable Distributed Generation Forum

The Renewable Distributed Generation Forum, April 13-14, 2016 in Lausanne, Switzerland, will examine the latest technology advances and business models for increasing the penetration of renewable energy while optimizing the ROI for stakeholders ac

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Webinar "Solar Heating in Europe - Challenges and Opportunities"

Experts panelist speakers in the field of solar heating will give detailed presentations and also answer questions from the audience. Prof.

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INDC Content Explorer: Understanding national climate goals

As a result of the United Nations (UN) climate negotiations in Warsaw in 2013, all countries were invited to submit a climate action plan – or “Intended Nationally Determined Contribution” (INDC) – as part of the preparations fo

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New EurObserv’ER release "The State of Renewable Energies in Europe" (2015 edition)

‘Annual overview barometer provides background data on renewable energy, employment, turnover and investment climate in the European Union.

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