Webinar: Intelligent Energy Management – The smart cities unicorn, 20 September 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


The webinar entitled Intelligent Energy Management – The smart cities unicorn” is organised by EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network and is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 20 September 2017 at 12:00 Abu Dhabi time / 10:00 Brussels time zone. The duration of the webinar is 60 minutes. 

The webinar will introduce to the participants the main concept of Smart Energy Cities and intelligent energy management. Smart Energy Cities, as a core pillar of the smart cities, constitute an emerging urban development strategy, that incorporates Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and take advantage of their numerous capabilities in the context of energy efficiency and sustainability.

Large amounts of energy consumption and production data are being generated and the energy systems are being digitised, with the increasing penetration of emerging ICTs and the revolution of Internet of Things (IoT). Indeed, “chasing” these big data for intelligent energy management can contribute to the financial, environmental and social targets in a city level, and thus it can be considered as a modern day unicorn for smart cities. Harnessing the unicorn requires the efficient exploitation of the IoT and respective tools and methods.

Innovative user-friendly digital applications will be highlighted, in order to leverage data from smart meters into value for the buildings’ occupants, through actionable personalised information, recommendations and incentives for behavioural energy efficiency. Illustrative applications for the built environment will be also discussed, based on the results of the EU experience, such as the OPTIMUS European project, with perspectives for applicability in the GCC region.