Florian Klumpp

Dr. Florian Klumpp


Dr. Florian Klumpp is senior consultant and project manager for Fichtner in the field of power economy, power plant technology, renewable energies, energy storage and hydrogen technologies.

Projects of Dr. Klumpp involve topics such as:

  • Market studies: Analysis of the power and energy market (national and international)
  • Market modeling: future market price for energy, control energy, operation of generation assets etc.
  • Storage technologies (feasibility studies, design, demand, economic evaluation etc.)
  • Consultancy of utilities (power economy, power plant technology)
  • Utilization and integration of renewable energies (capacity credit, effective load carrying capacity, loss of load expectation etc.)
  • Hydrogen technologies: optimization of hydrogen and P2X systems, dimensioning of main components (such as electrolyzer, H2-storage etc.), calculation of levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) and techno-economic evaluation of the entire H2 value chain, use cases and business models

Prior to his career at Fichtner, Dr. Klumpp accumulated around eight years of professional experience in a major German energy supply utility.

Being a graduate engineer, his core qualifications comprise a solid technical foundation in conventional power plant and storage technologies as well as in renewable energies and hydrogen technologies.