The EU-GCC Clean Energy e-Observatory is an online information service aiming at providing and presenting, in an organized manner, information material on clean energy developments in the GCC and in the EU.

Main aim of this service is to act as a key focal platform for systemising, monitoring and presenting the progress in fields of clean energy in both the GCC and the EU.

In particular, the observatory in its first version operates as a Resources repository for:

  • clean energy policies and studies, institutional framework and practices in the GCC and in the EU;
  • clean energy technologies appropriate/or under consideration for the GCC region and relevant applications in the EU;
  • clean energy projects and initiatives in the GCC and in the EU .

The resources are organised per Working Group field, noting the relevant region/ country, type of information/resource, date of publication, Organization/ Authors and Publication authority, as well as link to the respective element provided.

Your fruitful suggestions for features that would be useful to be incorporated in updated versions of the current service are welcomed and may be sent by email to: contact@eugcc-cleanergy.net, noting as subject: e-Observatory