Experts Membership

Experts active and interested in the field of clean energy will enjoy a number of benefits through their registration as Network Members.

Network Offering to Members:

  • Training programs to promote accelerated learning about a variety of clean energy technologies and policies;
  • Exposure to a range of perspectives on clean energy technologies and their deployment on an informal platform conducive to exchange of views;
  • Stimulating and focused discussion which allows strategic thinking and decision making to be refined;
  • Access to leading players in the EU-GCC clean energy sector, with scope to build extensive new networks;
  • The opportunity to delve into technical, regulatory, economic and commercial development trends;
  • Tap into a knowledge pool of main contacts and sources relevant to each topic;
  • Facilitate recruitment through job postings that will be viewed across the Network and explore job opportunities relevant to your field;
  • Information on joint funding opportunities in areas of clean energy research;
  • Sharing of good practices to benefit from the others’ experiences;
  • Leverage knowledge and experience of institutions to train and support clean energy actions.

In particular the following apply for the Experts Members:

Promotion & Visibility
  • Participation in and following up closely the Discussion Groups’ activities;
  • Members’ participation in collaborative Discussion Groups work will be acknowledged in Discussion Groups outputs;
  • Members will receive free copies of selected Network publications and promotional material;
  • Opportunities to influence and support shaping the direction of the Network activities in the EU and the GCC regions at a technology, policy and research co-operation level;
  • Sharing contact details and networking with some of the most prominent EU/GCC experts, through the Network’s platform;
  • Access in the specific collaboration area in the Network web-platform, with opportunity to participate in discussions through Forum and Chat areas, in online collaboration through e-Meetings, and exchange of information and documents through the Experts Collaboration Area Library;
  • Opportunity to provide input and articles for the Network Newsletters, publications etc.
Marketing and Events
  • Early information and Member-only briefings on Network conferences and workshops;
  • Invitations for targeted interventions in Network meetings (Discussion Groups’ Meetings, Plenary Conference);
  • Invitation to Training Events – Seminars organized by the Network;
  • Invitations for participation in thematic working events and web-meetings.