Research Outcome Seminar: Hydrogen, the energy carrier of the future

Tuesday, May 25, 2021
12.00 CET / 13.00 Qatar Time / 14.00 GST


Governments worldwide realize that clean hydrogen, which can be produced from renewable electricity or hydrocarbons with CCS, will play an indispensable role in reaching the Paris agreement's goals. Hydrogen is a versatile and low-carbon energy carrier that can drive down greenhouse gas emissions in otherwise difficult sectors to decarbonize. The European Commission, as well as some EU member states, have recently published their hydrogen strategies, while other countries worldwide are still studying the concept and its technical and business feasibilities.

To cover its future need for low-carbon hydrogen, Europe is likely to depend on large-scale imports. Among the regions that have favorable conditions to produce cost-effective hydrogen is the GCC. As a regional leader in clean energy, the GCC is ideally positioned to capitalize on a rapidly expanding low-carbon hydrogen export market worldwide, which, according to the hydrogen council, can reach a value of $2.7 trillion by 2050. The production and export of renewable hydrogen can support the region in their goals to push for clean energy and economic diversification, ensuring their strong presence in the energy market. However, for international renewable hydrogen trade to become a reality, remaining obstacles regarding transport and storage technologies, certification schemes, and market design need to be resolved.

This research outcome seminar / online webinar will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and consider concrete options to move the hydrogen agenda forward in Qatar and the whole GCC and EU regions. It will help identify innovative and replicable practices and models to facilitate the development and implementation of renewable hydrogen projects to initiate joint initiatives.

The event is organized by the European Union Delegation to State of Kuwait and the State of Qatar, the EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network, and the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) on Tuesday 25 May 2021 at 12.00 CET / 13.00 Qatar Time / 14.00 GST.