Joint Publications


Energy Management 4.0

Book Chapter at "Handbook of Research on Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

Exploring the Development of ICT Solutions for Energy Efficiency & End-Users’ Engagement.

Book of Abstracts of the 6th International Symposium and 28th National Conference on Operational Research – OR in the digital era – ICT challenges

From Data Analytics to Energy Management Action Plans: An Application for the Built Environment

The first UAE GCC-Cigre - EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network event in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Digitizing energy savings in sustainable smart cities: Introducing a virtual energy-currency approach

IEEE PerCom 2018 - International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications

The end of Coal?

REVOLVE magazine

Intelligent Energy Management Within the Smart Cities: An EU-GCC Cooperation Opportunity

Smart Cities in the Gulf-Current State, Opportunities, and Challenges