Campaign to increase public awareness on energy savings


Sustainable use of energy should be an important priority of communities and municipalities all over the globe. There is an ever increasing need to adapt the ways in which energy is used in households in order to reduce energy consumption and limit the pollution associated with the energy use. The rising wealth of the world population and a higher individual use of energy have resulted in an increasing global energy demand, particularly from fossil fuels. This has led to global concerns which require actions by local and national authorities as well as by individual persons. Instead of generating more energy, it is almost always cheaper to apply energy saving measures - and this in turn will save resources and reduce pollution. Some methods are easy to apply, such as switching off the main household appliances that are not in use; others require additional investments such as buying an energy efficient appliance or fitting a new window. Providing smart meters and technology for feedback on energy consumption have been considered strategic in current energy policies as part of the battle against climate change. In this context, a campaign to increase public awareness will definitely pay high dividends.

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