Integrating charging points in ports and marinas


Marine and port charging points that are powered by RES and then charge electric boats and ships constitute a viable proposition.

The aim is to promote clean boating, given that the shipping sector, in general, is absent in the climate change fight.

A viable example of such installation is the Blue Isle. It is a solar powered boat charging station introduced by PowerDocks, a local company in Newport, and it is the first of its kind. Blue Isle gives boaters a place to charge up their batteries for free. This particular platform is designed to generate about 2 KW of power, and it actually has energy storage capacity of 12 KWh approximately. It stores enough energy that it could charge four boats for a week without sunshine.

Another example is that of UK’s port of Goole, where Associated British Ports (ABP) has invested on a rooftop solar project. The aim of the project is to power the port using solar energy solely, during peak generation times.

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