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About Al-Dhaw Sustainability Energy

Al-dhaw sustainability energy is an Omani company specialized in sustainability energy
Our Vision
Provide Sustainability & clean energy to the community, and lead the market in renewable energy sector.
Who we are:  
Omani company specialized on renewable energy. We help companies & organizations to reduce the cost of energy consumption, provide sustainability solutions to Community, provide study on renewable energy and project consultancy.
What we do:
We focus on renewable energy studies, provide its consultancies, and recent market technology.
Our services
•    Feasibility study
•    Study the possibility to install the Solar system
•    Environmental impact assessments
•    Grid connection advisory services
•    Site layout and siting support
•    Due diligence and risk analysis
•    Study the Shedding analyses
•    Study glare analyses for sensitive locations.
•    Financial Study in renewable energy  
•         Return of investment
•         Tender specification consultancy
•         Components average cost
•         Implementing average cost
.         Maintenance average cost
Technical Study
•    Study Impact of Renewable Energy into Conventional Grid in terms of:
1.    Voltage stability
2.    Frequency stability
3.    Harmonic
4.    Flickering
•    Provide Electrical Drawing from the renewable energy side as well as grid side with permission from Distribution Supply company
•    Guide the contract to install the solar system as per drawing.
•    Environmental engineering consultancy

Our Products & Partnerships
1.    BIPV : Building-integrated photovoltaics NEXPWER TAIWAN
2.    Solar invertors: GROWATT – CHINA
3.    Cjr-renewables:  is a global service provider, offering full EPC/BoP/BoS solutions in the renewable energy sector, operating across all projects implementation processes.(Portuguese ).