Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands

Address: Westerduinweg 3, Petten, 1755 LE, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31885154097


About Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands 

Countries and their economies develop and grow. ECN’s innovative technologies and knowledge offer economic chances and business opportunities for governments and industrial companies alike. In order to be able to meet the future energy needs, the world’s energy system needs to become more sustainable. ECN has built up a strong international position over the last 60 years in the fields of solar and wind energy, bio-energy, energy efficiency and policy studies. With around 500 professionals, multiple branches in Europe and Asia and our state-of-the-art expertise, we play a leading role in energy R&D and policy advice. This can be illustrated by the fact that over 60% of all solar modules in the world contain ECN technology and 80% of Europe’s offshore wind farms is realised with R&D and support from ECN. With and for the market, we develop knowledge and technology that enable a transition to a sustainable energy system.