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About REEM Batteries & Power Appliances Co. SAOC

REEM Batteries & Power Appliances Co. SAOC, founded in 1991, as a group company under the prestigious OMZEST group of OMAN under the tutelage of H.E. Dr. Omar Bin Abdul Muniem Al Zawawi – Group Chairman & Special Advisor for External Liaison to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, and a leading entrepreneur. With a total network of over 70 companies, the OMZEST group (visit: ) has extensive interests in Automobiles and Components, Banking & Finance, Consumer Products, Construction and Real estate. We are the largest and the only battery manufacturing company in West Asia with ISO 9001:2000 certification testifying to our independent design capability and customer focus. We have also been certified under ISO 14001:2004 for conforming to the International Standards for Environmental Management and under OHSAS 18001:1999 certification for adhering to the requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Administration Services. In line with our Manufacturing, Marketing and Distribution operation for Automotive Batteries, we are having our UPS & Power Appliances division which is primarily in the business of ‘Power Protection’ equipments, viz. ‘UPS systems’ and accessories, Industrial Batteries (VRLA-SMF, AGM, Deep Cycle, Traction, Solar, Telecom) and other types of batteries and other accessories related to these.. Our REEM Brand (REEM UPS) of UPS systems were launched covering the entire range (600VA to 800kVA) and types viz. (Line Interactive, True Online, Modular, Rack-mountable) and, since our launch few years back, we have already established our market, apart from our Home country OMAN, to few of the surrounding countries in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region. Our REEM UPS systems are manufactured with the technology developed by few of the largest Global OEM / ODM manufacturer of UPS systems in the world, based at TAIWAN, Italy, Turky, and China, and the products comply to all the Global standards, performance and safety specifications. We are in the UPS business for over a decade, having qualified and experienced Industry Professionals from few of the Best UPS Manufacturer’s in the world, to support the operations. We are one of the selected few “APPROVED AVME VENDORS FOR PDO & OGC” for UPS systems / DC Rectifiers, Industrial Batteries etc. for supplying UPS systems, Ni-Cd and other batteries along with other accessories for all OIL & GAS applications. we are having solutions for complete power protection and power conditioning requirements, containing AC/DC Rectifiers, Chargers (for Industrial & Telecom Applications), SMPS, Industrial Batteries, SELF COOLING SERVER Rack for Small DATA Centers, AVR/SVR, STS etc. apart from Power Auditing and Consultancy. We have also since introduced our complete Alternate Energy solutions using Solar (PV) technology for Telecom, Oil & Gas and other small and medium Off-Grid and On-Grid applications. . Briefly we deal in the following Product Lines / solutions: 1. UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) Systems (Complete Range 600VA to 800kVA a. Off-line (Stand By) Type b. (True) Line Interactive Type i. Standard Tower Type ii. Rack-Mount Type c. On-line (Double Conversion Technology) i. Standard Tower Type ii. Modular Type iii. Rack-Mount Type 2. Industrial Batteries: a. VRLA-SMF (Standard Storage Applications) for UPS, INVERTERS etc. b. TELECOM Application Batteries (12V, 6V & 2V Batteries upto 3000AH) c. SOLAR Application Batteries (same as above) d. Special Application (DEFENSE-Millitary) Batteries e. Traction Batteries (Golf-Card, Fork-Lift) f. Ni-Cd Batteries g. SLPB (Super Lithium Polymer Batteries) Batteries. 3. DC Rectifiers / Chargers / SMPS, DC UPS systems a. Industrial Application (24VDC, 30VDC, 110VDC, 120VDC etc.) b. Telecom Application (48VDC, 24VDC) 4. AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) / SVR (Static Voltage Regulator) / STS (Static Transfer Switch) – for INDUSTRIAL Applications. 5. SCSR (Self Cooling Server Rack) for Small DATA Center Applications: a. For Server load upto 8kWatt b. For Server load upto 16kWatt c. For Server load upto 32 kWatt. 6. Renewable (Alternative) Energy (SOLAR) Solution for small to medium application. a. Small Home Application (1kW – 5kW) (both Off-Grid & On-Grid) b. Solar Pump c. Medium Application (both Off-Grid & On-Grid).