Smart City Energy Assessment Framework linking local vision with data sets


The OPTIMUS Smart City Energy Assessment Framework (SCEAF) provides energy managers with a framework for assessing and evaluating the performance of the city / building in a coherent, transparent and integrated way.Numerical and linguistic input data are collected from the end-user through an extended questionnaire. This data is analysed under three main pillars (political, energy & environment and the existing ICT infrastructure) and rated according to the OPTIMUS Rating Chart.

Publications List:

Papastamatiou, I., Doukas, H., Spiliotis, E., Psarras, J., 2016. How “OPTIMUS” is a city in terms of energy optimisation? e-SCEAF: A web based decision support tool for local authorities, Information Fusion, 29, 149-161. View More

Androulaki S., Doukas H., Spiliotis E., Papastamatiou I., Psarras J. (2016). “A Framework to Assess the Behavior and Performance of a City Towards Energy Optimisation”. Chapter of the Book “Intelligent Computing Systems: Emerging Application Areas”, eds. Tsihrintzis G., Virvou M., Jain L., Volume 627 of the series Studies in Computational Intelligence, pp 189-205.  View More

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