ICT Systems and Solutions for Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities


The terms “Smart Energy” and “Smart Energy Systems” have been used to express an approach that reaches broader than the term “Smart grid”. Where Smart Grids focus primarily on the electricity sector, Smart Energy Systems take an integrated holistic focus on the inclusion of more sectors (electricity, heating, cooling, industry, buildings and transportation) and allows for the identification of more achievable and affordable solutions to the transformation into future renewable and sustainable energy solutions.

GCC countries are urban in nature, and there is increasing growth in current cities, due to the natural population growth and migration rates to the Gulf countries. The infrastructure and human resources of GCC cities are one of the most important enablers of knowledge-based urban development, which explains the existence of a number of cities such as Dubai, Riyadh, Kuwait and Manama that have a relationship with the global economy and international financial institutions.

The current local, regional and global conditions are conducive to the adoption of green economy concepts to address the risks of climate change and at the same time improve the economy via CT technology smart city solutions that improve efficiency in all everyday life activities..The drivers for investing in smart cities across the Gulf region are multiple; and include the need to support rapidly growing populations, income diversification and a desire to showcase the capabilities of the region to the rest of the world.

A CT system based tool solution to deal with the issues of definition of targets, identification of approaches to solutions, modelling of parameters, leading to and integration proposal for a Smart Energy System concept, which will lead to a paradigm shift.


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