Initiating Hydrogen economy


Hydrogen is not a primary fuel. It must be produced from water with either fossil or renewable energy sources. Hydrogen can be generated from carbon-neutral biomasses or carbon-free energy sources such as electric, solar, and wind energy. In this way, the use of hydrogen could eventually eliminate harmful gas emissions from the energy sector. Vehicles and stationary power generation fuelled by hydrogen are zero-emission devices at the point of use, with consequential local air-quality benefits. Hydrogen is clean and a high-energy content fuel. Hydrogen is a peaceful energy carrier for all countries. Raw material resources of fossil fuels geographically did not distribute homogenously in the world. However, the most important source of hydrogen is water, which is almost not dependent on geography. This advantage in the development of the hydrogen economy is the most important driving force. The hydrogen economy is a vision for a future in which hydrogen replaces fossil fuels. A major dilemma now faced by the developing countries is how to invest in hydrogen research and development for the transition to hydrogen economy. The increase in the consumer sectors that energy provides is necessary for both economic and social development in the developing countries. Policy-makers will need to pay more attention to the implications for the transition to hydrogen economy.

GCC countries can produce the hydrogen using locally available abundant solar energy, which is the cheapest in the world and cheaper than conventional energy this would make great environmental and climate sense and will be economic at the same time.

A techno economic study of the barriers, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of using fuel cell cars to meet electricity needs other than just driving and the prerequisites for policy formulation and implementation.


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