Scope of work and Stakeholders

Scope of work

ΕU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network provides a wide variety of services and offering to its Members. Networking and fostering of partnership between EU and GCC institutions are the key services that are provided.

In particular, the Network supports EU GCC cooperation in clean energy fields through:


  • Networking and Partnership development, with a wide range of stakeholders, including policy-making bodies, research institutes and industry players.

  • Organisation of experts events, thematic discussions, seminars, webinars, training sessions and high-level conferences.

  • Operation of “clean energy” Working Groups to facilitate collaboration among EU and GCC experts.

  • Dissemination of information on EU-GCC clean energy co-operation opportunities and policy framework:

    • Increased knowledge and information exchange among the EU and GCC participants on possibilities for cooperation and joint projects in energy, including through the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020.

    • Detailed information and better understanding of EU and GCC policies and frameworks related to clean energy and climate change.

    • Providing an information platform on clean energy regulatory frameworks, policy backgrounds, ongoing and planned initiatives and projects, funding possibilities etc.

  • Advanced Web-Area to facilitate discussion, dialogue and collaboration among EU and GCC stakeholders on technology, research and policy aspects of clean energy and climate change.

  • Promotion and facilitation of a number of joint demonstration and pilot projects, as well as research activities, being implemented with participation of EU and GCC entities in the area of clean energy and climate change.

  • Support for the publication of articles in scientific journals on clean energy & climate change in EU, GCC regions.

  • Coordination with existing and future networks / instruments, such as platforms for international scientific cooperation established under Horizon 2020.

  • Closely liaising with initiatives in the region in related fields, e.g. water, environment, with a view to coordinating efforts and benefiting from synergies.



the Stakeholders

The stakeholders from both regions participating in the Network include, inter alia, energy-related research entities, universities, administrations, utilities, industry, policy makers and relevant stakeholders from the energy and climate change sectors as appropriate.

Even if the dialogue is primarily established at a regional level, the Network will include exchanges at bilateral level in order to share best practices in a better and more efficient way and identify new fields of cooperation in the clean energy domain.