Working Areas

An essential feature of the network is the operation of Working Areas (*) (W/A) - formerly called Discussion Groups / Working Aroups that focus on areas of common EU and GCC interest.

A variety of stakeholders/experts from both the EU and the GCC may participate in activities of the working areas, including research institutions, industrial entities, professional organisations, policy makers and authorities, private and public sector. Activities within the Working Areas are coordinated by the Energy Technology Expert of the Network (Dr Mustapha Taoumi) and collaboration is facilitated by the Conveners - distinguished EU and GCC experts- that support the workplan and stimulate discussions on hot topics of common interest. As per the arising needs, the network organises experts meetings, as well as other activities (thematic discussions, seminars, training sessions), as appropriate, for the promotion of cooperation in their respective areas.

For the activities of the Working Areas the network mobilizes a number of selected qualified experts from the EU and the GCC regions with proven professional and/or research record in the specific field, thus capable of contributing and participating in collaboration activities including:

  • know-how and technology transfer,
  • policies discussion,
  • examination of state-of-the art technologies,
  • best practices discussion and promotion,
  • research collaboration,
  • dissemination and promotion of relevant demonstration projects, and
  • facilitation and promotion of relevant EU-GCC cooperation initiatives and projects.

Co-operation within the Working Areas is guided and facilitated by the Conveners, who are qualified experts that moderate and support collaboration towards achieving the Working Area objectives.

EU and GCC Experts in the above clean energy fields may apply for participation in activities in one or more working areas -upon registration-.